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Acoustical wall panels shall be Type as manufactured by Panel Solutions, 100 East Diamond Avenue, Hazleton, PA 18201, Telephone 1-800-523-6671 (in PA, 570- 459-3490). Fax: 570-459-3499.

Prefinished, factory assembled PSI Panels shall consist of a         inch,           pound density fiberglass core. All core edges shall be reinforced by either an eighteen (18) gauge aluminum frame or a specifically formulated resin edge hardener which shall be impregnated to a minimum depth of 1/8".

Panel components shall have Class "A" Flame Spread ratings of 25 or less as determined by ASTM-E--84 Tunnel Test.

Panels shall have a minimum NRC Rating          of when tested in
accordance with ASTM-C-423-81, based on test mounting "A".

In addition, photocopies of test results from an accredited testing laboratory shall be submitted to the specifier/owner to substantiate that the sound reduction frequencies conform to the criteria as outlined in this specification.

The covering specified shall be pattern             colorway           The fabric and\or #5A perforated vinyl wallcovering shall be either bonded directly to the panel surface or stretched, wrapped and adhered to the sides and back of the panel, assuring an aesthetically pleasing surface finish.

PANEL SIZES Maximum width 4 ft. in vinyl and 5 ft. in fabric by a maximum of 10 ft. in height. PS-80-AL and PS-80-ALD panels are available in longer lengths. Standard core thicknesses are 1/2", 1", 1-1/8", 2" and 2-1/8". Cutting tolerances are +\- 1/8".

EDGE DETAIL Square, bevelled and radius edges are standard in either our aluminum or resin hardened finish edges. Please contact your Panel Solutions representative for custom edge requirements.

FIRE RATINGS Panel component parts shall have Class "A" Flame Spread ratings of 25 or less as determined by the ASTM-E-84 Tunnel Test.


C.O.M. To meet your C.O.M. requirements, please submit a one linear yard sample of the material of your choice so that we may determine if it is compatible with the panel(s) you have selected. A sample panel will be submitted for your approval prior to manufacture.

TECHNICAL SUPPORT Our in-house Architectural Services and Drafting Department can be called upon for their technical expertise and guidance. In addition, the Panel Solutions sales force is fully versed in acoustical applications and therefore may be helpful in the preparation of your specification documents.

INSTALLATION Depending upon the intended mounting method, panels are supplied with either mechanical fasteners (Z-clips) or hook and loop tape and leveling angles. Detailed instructions accompany each shipment to assure proper installation.The appropriate hardware as determined most suitable by the manufacturer shall be mounted to the back of the panel unless otherwise selected by the specifier.

The manufacturer shall submit sample panel(s) in the specified fabric or vinyl wallcovering, illustrating the edge detail and thickness specified, through either the contractor or the Panel Solutions sales representative. Manufacturing of panels will not commence without written approval by the specifier. Shop drawings should also accompany the approved submittal.

SHIPMENT To avoid damage in transit, panels must be packaged in 275 lb. test double wall corrugated cardboard carton, total weight not to exceed 150 pounds.

INSTALLATION The contractor shall furnish all labor, materials, services and equipment necessary for, and reasonably incidental to, the installation of the Panel Solutions products as shown on drawings and as specified herein.

WARRANTY All panel and baffle materials provided and installed within the manufacturer's standards for installation shall be warranted for a period of one (1) year from the date of sale against defects to material or specified performance.

AVAILABILITY AND COST Our professional national sales force is readily available to assist you with delivery and pricing information. Please contact the Panel Solutions office nearest you or call 1-800-523-6671.


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