In offices, conference rooms, schools, museums, theaters and music halls-in any interior where excessive noise levels are disruptive Panel Solutions is the preferred method of sound dampening. It's not surprising. Panel Solutions combines excellent acoustical performance with unsurpassed design flexibility and a nearly limitless opportunity to create custom looks as varied as your imagination. You can specify Panel Solutions with confidence because each system is designed with the density of fiberglass that assures superior noise reduction capabilities and then tested using normal sound frequencies found in everyday environments to establish an accurate noise reduction coefficient. (See our 10 lb. density with a 0.80 NRC in the chart under Trimline, for example.) A higher density panel is a more stable panel, too, able to keep its shape better and to resist dents and creases.

The inherent noise reduction qualities of Panel Solutions becomes even better when wrapped with wallcoverings like polyolefin or perforated vinyl. These coverings allow nearly unlimited design options, colors and textures in addition to the added convenience of having both panels and coverings available from the same source. Panel Solution systems are an impressive marriage of form and function--pleasing aesthetics, noise reduction for a less stressful and more productive environment, an economical way to improve a wall which needs cosmetic repair, and an easy method for creating a highly useful tackable wall surface. Panel Solutions. Versatile, cost-effective, reliable acoustical paneling systems. Sound absorption never looked better.